Natural mystic

We first met Natural Mystic in the southern anchorage of Isla Isabel, where we met the captain and crew one evening on a sunset hike overlooking the anchorage. Natural Mystic is an Outremer 55ft catamaran, built in the south of France and was designed to cross the worlds oceans. She is owned and captained by Kyber Logue, realtor-turned-entrepreneur. Kyber grew up in Santa Barbara California and went to business school at USC. After graduating college he worked as a commercial urchin fisherman for a year before becoming a successful real estate agent in Montecito California, allowing him to purchase Natural Mystic and set sail around the world at the young age of 31. Over the last ten years he’s sailed through Mexico, Central America, the Galapagos, across the South Pacific and the Caribbean. He ended up living in French Polynesia for a few years, mainly Tahiti where he surfed, kiteboarded, explored, and even had a son. When funds ran low he and a friend invented a multitool and company called LighterBro, an idea they had while hiking the in the mountains of Southern California years earlier. Over the last few years as @LighterBro has gained success, Kyber has been able to return to cruising and is living aboard full-time with his beautiful girlfriend Courtney and lifelong friend Paul.

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