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Walking through a dark alley isn’t where you think you’d find the love of your life. Josh Shankle and Rachel Moore met when Rachel had just returned from backpacking through Central America and New Zealand for several months. They were immediately drawn to each other as friends, but it wasn’t long before they were planning an adventurous future together. Two young people, bent on seeing the world and living a life full of adventure had come together in the most unlikely of places.

When they first met, Josh was working as a mattress salesman (posturepedic consultant as he likes to say), and Rachel was scuba diving for the Channel Islands National Park Service’s underwater video program and waiting tables on the weekend. A month after becoming friends, Rachel had planned to return to Honduras where she had completed her dive masters a few months earlier. They decided to take the trip together. For most people backpacking for six weeks will either make or break a relationship, for Josh and Rachel it made it. After returning home to California they knew they were much more than friends, they were falling in love.

The first year they dated they also backpacked around Guatemala for several weeks (with parasites, but that’s another story…), traveled to the British West Indies, climbed the face of Mount Whitney (14,505ft), and took many rock climbing trips around California.

A year and a half after meeting Josh proposed to Rachel out on Santa Cruz Island and six months later they were married.

Since they’ve been married, Josh has worked on offshore oil platforms as a rope access welder and a production operator. Rachel is modeling full time, and has worked for companies such as Patagonia, Bebe, Guess, Levis, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy and Target.

After six years of working, dreaming and saving they have left Southern California and are sailing south to Panama, then across through the South Pacific and around for a full circumnavigation.