The gabriel house

The Gabriel House is a nonprofit rehabilitation center for children with disabilities who have been orphaned, abandoned, or whose families are unable to take care of them. Located in Maneadero, Mexico, just a few miles south of Ensenada. When we first visited The Gabriel house, the staff had gone without their monthly salary to make sure the children’s needs were being met since the home struggles most months to meet their budget as the government doesn't provide enough assistance to meet all the children's costly needs. They were also short on food, diapers, and other basic care items. We were able to donate $1500 to the orphanage to go to paying the amazing caretaker saleries and buy some of the staple items the home needed to care for the children. We also we able to take a few hundred dollars to buy groceries for the caretakers and their families.

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If you feel moved by the work they do and want to help out, see a list of their current needs or to send a donation please go to their website We truly love these children and are completely undone by the way the staff love and serve these children.

Update: A recent letter we received from the Gabriel House.

"Many of you are aware of our struggle to meet our monthly budget.  Over the years with changing laws and regulations (which are all good changes) the cost to run Gabriel house has increased.   So we are trying to make some changes, mostly in the area of staff.  We would like to use bible school students and volunteers from local churches to do the bulk of the labor, such as washing dishes, sweep and mop floors, laundry and general cleaning throughout the house.   We are also hoping for some help north of the border.  By doing this, the paid staff would be able to concentrate on the personal care of the kids.  We also hope this would allow us to pay our employees on time.   We are very blessed to have the staff we have right now; many have worked here a long time.  We are 3 months behind on payroll at this time and these wonderful people come to work rain or shine, they have a heart for our children.


In other news,  the kids had a great summer.  They were visited by many groups, some were old friends and some were new.  The kids got to go to the movies which is always a great treat.  They also got to go to the indoor trampoline park which was a first for everyone.  They went to the light show in downtown Ensenada and in between were lots of walks to the park, playing games, music, etc. They were also blessed with many special lunches complete with cake, ice-cream and piñatas; and went to the 1 week camp for handicap kids run by Geneses.  The kids look forward to this every year.   So all in all it was a great summer and we thank all who came and if you have never been to Gabriel House we invite you to come down and meet the kids.  Even a one hour visit is fine.  Just contact us so we know you’re coming. These kids will warm your heart.

Now I would like you to meet a couple of our little ones and two of our staff.

On the left is Usi, he is 3 years old and has Down’s syndrome.  He is quit the character, he loves to play and will keep you busy chasing him around the house.  To the right is our little cutie, Julie.  She is 7 year old and is Autistic.  She is very shy but if you spend time with her she will open up. She is new to the Gabriel house family as she has been with us for only eight months.   We are very blessed to have both: they are God children.  We know they would love to meet you and spend some time with you.

On the left is Christi she has been with Gabriel house since the beginning, 25 years ago when the only pay was whatever extra clothes and food there was after the kids were taken care of.  She is a mother of four and has four grand kids.  Next is Jackie, she is our accountant and a member of our church: she a godly women and a prayer warrior.  She has been with us at Gabriel house for the past four years. We are very blessed to have both of these lovely ladies; they are among our employees who truly love the kids.   They come to work even when we can’t pay because they have a heart for the little ones.

We want to thank you for all for your support. Please keep us in prayer about things we mentioned and also any thoughts or ideas to help let us know.

From all of us here at Gabriel House GOD BLESS YOU AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!"